Bit Me Teether

Bit Me Teether


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Silicon Teether Gloves For Babies

Gloves vocal teether Packing: PE ziplock bag
Brand: platube item number: YJ002
Weight: Without packaging: 20g With packaging: 23g
Suitable age: 3 months or more
Product size: 10cm*6.5cm
Material: food-grade silica gel (without bisphenol A, lead and known harmful substance) non-latex products, will not cause any allergies to babies and children, you can use it with confidence!
The first stage: the building period when the teeth are not formally grown, the baby will already feel uncomfortable in the gums, the gutta-percha of stage one can be put in the refrigerator, and the cold touch can relieve the swelling and pain if the baby’s gums before teething.
The second stage: When most babies are 6 months old, a pair of breast incisors of the lower jaw begin to grow. At this time, you should use a frozen teether to massage the soft breast incisor to relieve discomfort hard teeth the gum massage the gums and the uneven surface of the gum also stimulates the baby’s brain development.
The third stage: When the baby grows up and down four teeth, and when the baby grows 4 side incisors and 4 canine teeth (canine teeth), it is recommended to choose a pacifier with a shape similar to a pacifier, lighter weight, and easy to grasp. Glue, soft and hard texture layer not only massages the gum around the newly grown teeth but also allows the baby to experience the sensation of chewing.
The fourth stage: 1-2 years old 1~2 years old is the period of long deciduous molars. Us e fixed teeth gums that can reach a large range of teeth. The baffle prevents touching the throat, and the soft and hard mixed texture layer can reduce the cause of large teeth. The swelling and painful gums can help strengthen the development of the teeth and exercise chewing ability.

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